Our Chef

Chef Wesley Chen graduated from The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and has over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry. 

His passion to create, modify and perfect original flavors is exuded in all of his dishes. Even as a youngster, he had already established a mature, scrutinizing palate, to which he attributes a lot of his early success. While dedicated to his craft, he recognizes the importance of harmonizing timeless flavors with the ever-changing, modern palate. He draws inspiration from annual visits to Asia and the local cuisine therein, all the while, never ceasing to blend his own ideas and personality into his culinary exploits. Not surprisingly, seasonal ingredients are components Chef Wesley is always looking to incorporate into his newest dishes.

While Chef Wesley’s willingness to explore different styles and tastes is certainly a major factor in drawing his inspiration, he is equally ambitious to elevate and perfect traditional dishes. He stresses the importance of connecting with the ingredients and being intimate with the purposes of a particular dish. Every dish, and every morsel, has a story to tell, and Chef Wesley delivers each one as if it were his last to tell.